13 Gallon (50 Liter) Triple Motion Greerco Jacketed Vacuum Kettle.

Item # TAN-1625


13 Gallon (50 Liter) Agi-Mixer Triple Motion Greerco Jacketed Vacuum Kettle. Has counter rotating sweep mixer with scrapers and high shear mixer. Internal rated Full Vacuum. Jacket rated 40 PSI @ 300 Deg.F.. Top Drive motor Disconnected for removal. Test results: The seller reports that all components of the homogenizer are fully functional. Fully tested with H2O. The homogenizer and inner and outer paddles work as do their RPM meters. The cover lifting hydraulics is fully functional. The cover lift mechanism is functional as well as the homogenizer and the two blades. The jacket was pressure tested and vessel was vacuum tested - no leaks. The chart recorder is out of service as well as the hour meter. The light bulb that gave me trouble in the video was replaced. Note: The outer paddles must be jogged to index, (amber light), before the cover will open. The limit switch with long arm to contact tank, must be in the correct position for lifting and for paddle operation. Last used in sanitary cosmetics facility. Video of unit running available.

Gallons: 13


Lgth./ Height:


Manufacturer: GREERCO

Model: 50L AGI P/V


Quantity: 1