Holoflight Dryer Continuous Indirect Dryer Auger Conveyor

Item # DRY-72


used Holoflight/Thermal Dryer/cooker with Heated trough and shaft. 16" x 18' Lgth. Continuous Indirect Dryer Auger Paddle Conveyor. Built by Christian Therm-L-Veyor, Model 16PB18, S/N 76331. Rotor rated 100 PSI. Jacket rated 60 PSI. Shaft is 6.5" dia.. (22) "Paddles" 13" wide x 5" ht.. No motor. Last used in sanitary food plant in butter application. Rotor hydro-tested.


Manufacturer: Christian Engineering


Model: 16B18

S/N: 76331

SIZE: 16"x18'

Qty: 1