150 Gal JH Day Double Arm/Sigma Blade Mixer

Item # BM-329


***SOLD*** 150 Gal JH Day Double Arm/Sigma Blade Mixer. Stainless steel construction, overlapping sigma blades, jacketed bowl, vacuum cover, 60 hp 230/460 volt XP motor, screw tilting bowl with 3 hp motor drive. Includes vapor recovery system with heat exchanger and receiver pot. Last used in medical Silicone. High viscosity mixer. Approx. 3' back to front x 3'3" wide x 3' deep. Approx. 210 gallons total volume.

Blender/ Mixer Type: DOUBLE ARM / SIGMA BLADE

Size: 150 GALLON


Manufacturer: JH DAY

Model: 150 GALLON

S/N: 76911

Quantity: 1