Fryma VME-120 Vacuum Processing Vessel, Sanitary

Item # BM-108


***SOLD***Used Fryma VME-120 Vacuum Processing Vessel, Sanitary construction, 200 liter (52.8 gallon) total, 50-120 liter (13-32 Gallon) working capacity, tri-shaft mixer, rated FV Internal,SS jacket rated 3 BAR, with 3 shaft (Tri-shaft) mixing: Consisting of(1)- anchor/sweep agitator w/scrapers driven by .75 KW motor, (1)- High speed agitator with dissolver/disperser blade has 4KW motor, (1) toothed colloid mill has 4KW motor. Vacuum Pump is: SIHI Model- LPHR-25007-ABAHF0A0. Direct driven by 2.2 KW, 3/60/220 Volt, 3400 RPM. Has bottom outlet. High viscosity mixer.

Blender/ Mixer Type: VACUUM

Size: 200 liter

Material: Stainless Steel

Manufacturer: FRYMA

Model: VME-120

S/N: F425177

Quantity: 1