Sine 4" Sanitary Positive Displacement Pump

Item # PMP-930


used Sine 4" Sanitary Positive Displacement Pump model SPS050HNTCM, with 4" Clamp Type Inlet/Outlet. 15 HP, 1740 RPM Motor, 230/460 Volts into gearbox with 32-127 rpm output. Pump S/N 208725050A237M. Delivers a lower shear, gentle pumping action that safely transfers delicate products without risk of degradation. Gentle pumping with virtually no pulsation. Ultra low shear pumping of whole foods, meats, dairies and concentrates with no loss to product integrity. Superior viscous handling. Powerful suction for high viscosity products



Size: 4"

Manufacturer: Kontro/SINE

Model: SPS050HNTCM

S/N: 208725050A237M


Type: Positive Displacement

Horz/Vert: H

Quantity: 1