2400 liter Fryma VME-2400 Vacuum Processing Vessel, Sanitary

Item # TAN-1397


***SOLD***used 2400 liter Fryma VME-2400 Vacuum Processing Vessel/Kettle, Dual Shaft, Sanitary construction, 2400 Liter (630 Gallon) working capacity. There are two agitator drives. A 7.5 hp motor drives a center 3 blade counter rotating agitator and a scrape agitator through a chain drive. A 50 hp motor drives a disperser type agitator off to the side of the center shaft. Working temperatures are 150 Deg.C (302 Deg.F.)for the interior and the jacket. The interior has a pressure rating of -1/+1 bar and the jacket has a 2.5 bar rating. The top has an 8" flanged opening that can be used for a colloid mill (not included) currently it is clamped shut and 6" glass inspection port with light. Top also has a 2" sanitary, 1.5" sanitary and (2) 1" threaded fitting. The bottom has a 6" sanitary discharge with a pneumatically operated valve. Requires 230/460 vac 3 ph electrical supply. Previously used for toothpaste. Tri-Shaft

Gallons: 600


Lgth./ Height:


Manufacturer: FRYMA

Model: VME-2400


Quantity: 1