660 Gallon Sanitary 316L Stainless Steel Reactor built by Mueller

Item # REA-420


2500 Liter (660 Gallon) Sanitary 316L Stainless Steel Reactor/Fermenter/Kettle built by Mueller. Internal Rated 51.5/Full Vacuum @ (-20)/ 300 Deg.F.. Jacket Rated 150/Full Vacuum @ (-20)/ 300 Deg.F.. 24" top center manway in addition to other top openings. Has bottom mount for bottom mounted mixer (not installed). 2" Outlet with no valve. 90" OAH. Jacket has been Hydro-tested good. Last used in sanitary pharmaceutical facility.

Gallons: 660

Dia. Inches: 70"

Length (T/T):

Shell PSIG: 51.5/FV

Shell (F): 300

Shell Material: 316L STAINLESS STEEL

Jacket PSIG: 150/FV

Jacket (F): 300

Jacket Mat: INCONEL

Manufacturer: MUELLER


Serial: 291636-2

Stamped: NB#36308

Quantity: 1