660 Gallon Sanitary 316L Stainless Steel Reactor built by Mueller

Item # REA-419


(2) 2500 Liter (660 Gallon) Sanitary 316L Stainless Steel Reactor/Fermenter/Kettle built by Mueller. Internal Rated 51.5/Full Vacuum @ (-20)/ 300 Deg.F.. Jacket Rated 150/Full Vacuum @ (-20)/ 300 Deg.F.. 2" Outlet with no valve. 90" OAH. Jackets have been Hydro-tested good. Last used in sanitary pharmaceutical facility.

Gallons: 660

Dia. Inches: 70"

Length (T/T):

Shell PSIG: 51.5/FV

Shell (F): 300

Shell Material: 316L STAINLESS STEEL

Jacket PSIG: 150/FV

Jacket (F): 300

Jacket Mat: INCONEL

Manufacturer: MUELLER



Stamped: NB#'s

Quantity: 2