Marion 35 CU.FT. Sanitary Stainless Steel Paddle Blender with Choppers

Item # BM-431


***SOLD*** used 35 Cu.Ft. Marion Sanitary Stainless Steel Paddle Blender with (2) high speed choppers. Trough has a center bottom outlet (with slide valve), and it is 32" x 72", giving a total capacity of approx 40 cu.ft. The blender has packing glands and outboard roller bearings. The shaft is driven by a 15 HP motor (3/60/230-460V), through a "V" belt drive to a shaft mounted torque arm reducer. The trough has a fixed safety grate. The unit has two choppers. This blender has bolt on legs, putting the outlet 36" off the floor. Appears to be a Marion, no nameplate present.

Blender/ Mixer Type: PADDLE

Size: 35 CU.FT.


Manufacturer: MARION



Quantity: 1