OAKES Model 4MBH31A High Shear, Bearing Housing Mixer

Item # BM-384


unused OAKES Model 4MBH31A High Shear, Bearing Housing Mixer. Hastelloy Contact parts. 1/2" Inlet/Outlet. Includes AB Powerflex inverter. According to the Mfr. "The Bearing Housing Mixer is ideally suited for highly viscous slurry applications, or when your usage requires only the mixing head and drive assembly. The unique design of the high shear Oakes Rotor/Stator Mixing Head is the key to consistent final densities. Aerate and/or homogenize slurry with minimal heat rise." Applications include: biscuit marshmallow, cake batter, candy marshmallow, cheese cake, icing, layer cake, nougat, pie fillings, soy bean, whipped butter and more.

Blender/ Mixer Type: HIGH SHEAR

Size: 4M


Manufacturer: OAKES

Model: 4MBH31A

S/N: 420

Quantity: 1