Niro Soavi High Pressure Homogenizer. Model: PANDA

Item # BM-372


used Niro Soavi High Pressure Homogenizer. Model: PANDA. Maximum working pressure: 21755 psi(150 MPa). Standard flow rate: 2.6 gal/hr (10 l/hr). The unit operates at temperatures up to 194 Deg.F. The Panda is a high pressure homogenization unit designed for laboratory and small scale production in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. Tri-clamp inlet/outlet connections. Sanitary designed and easily disassembled for manual cleaning and sterilization in place (SIP). Homogenizer is made with FDA approved product contact materials. Digital pressure gauge.

Blender/ Mixer Type: HOMOGENIZER



Manufacturer: NIRO SOAVI

Model: PANDA

S/N: 3563

Quantity: 1