Ross 40 gallon triple motion stainless steel Vacuum rated mixer

Item # BM-352


***SOLD*** Used Ross Model PVM 40 triple motion stainless steel Vacuum rated mixer. 40 gallon. Stainless steel jacketed change can 50 psi. Tri-Shaft Vacuum mixer. 7.5 HP and 5 HP Explosion proof motors. Triple mixers including (1) three wing anchor agitator with scrapers on side and bottom of can and (2) High Speed disperser (one shaft is carbon steel, all other shafts/blades stainless steel). Change can is on castors. Can serial number 11012-1A, National board number 414. Built 1994. Hydraulic lift.

Blender/ Mixer Type: VACUUM

Size: 40 Gallon


Manufacturer: ROSS

Model: PVM-40


Quantity: 1