Kontro/Sine Pump, model MR135NNTC

Item # PMP-884


***SOLD*** used Kontro/Sine Pump, model MR135NNTC, 3" inlet/outlet. Stainless steel. Driven by 10 HP, 230/460 volt. 1770 rpm motor. S/N 209855135A508. Mounted on Stainless Steel base. Delivers a lower shear, gentle pumping action that safely transfers delicate products without risk of degradation. Gentle pumping with virtually no pulsation. Ultra low shear pumping of whole foods, meats, dairies and concentrates with no loss to product integrity. Superior viscous handling. Powerful suction for high viscosity products. Simplicity for minimal downtime. One shaft, one seal and no timing gears enable easy in-place pump maintenance. Reliability. Interchangeable part, fully interchangeable components between pumps of the same size, reducing spares inventory. Previously used in sanitary food application.



Size: 3"

Manufacturer: KONTRO/SINE

Model: MR135NNTC

S/N: 209855135A508


Type: Progressive Cavity

Horz/Vert: H

Quantity: 1