Item # PU-37


HIGH TEMP / HIGH VACUUM DISTILLATION SYSTEM Thin Film for Molecular Separation including Solvent Recovery. Multiple use Thin Film distillation plus high temperature system: Operational temperature up to ~325 Deg.C (620 Deg.F) at 1.0mm vacuum. Last used for Ethanol Distillation for Cannabis oil. This is a "state-of-the-art" chemical processing / distillation / separation / polymerization / purification / chemical reaction production pilot plant. There is literally very little that this system is not designed to accomplish when it comes to any chemical processing need. Originally, it was a ~$1.45MM unit as installed in late 2009 - early 2010. Only used to evaporate water from inert solids powder, it has been used very sparingly since then. It is in very good working order, and is designed for easy dis-assembly and re-assembly. Excellent pilot / production system for most applications including: A) Rm or high temp/vac distillations B) Polymerizations C) Pharm. synthesis & purifications D) Liquid-solids separations, E) High-temp / high-vac reactions. F) Liquid - liquid separations Efficiently separates multiple liquids with different boiling / vaporization properties. Also separates single or multiple liquids from most types of suspended solids. Horizontal thin film wiper chamber has approx 1/4" or less clearance. Rated up to 400 gallons an hour. It is legally in a C1 Div 2 room and has been inspected. Only explosion proof equipment, fixtures etc. are allowed to be in a C1D1 or C1D2 room by code. Sold AIWI. Last client used ~4 guys with 4 days to disassemble and loaded all onto 1 lowboy trailer.




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