2800 sqft. shell and tube heat exchanger

Item # EX-462


QTY (5) EACH: Used 2800 sqft. shell and tube heat exchanger. Previously used as Debutanizer feed & bottoms exchanger. (365 tubes, 730 holes) 3/4" x 20' L carbon steel tubes rated 301/FV @ 480 degF, 2 pass. Carbon Steel Shell rated 314/FV @ 450 degF., single pass. Carbon Steel Head. Type AEU. 8" in/out on both shell and tube side.

FT2: 2832

Shell PSIG: 314/FV

Tube PSIG: 301/FV

Shell Deg: 450

Tube Deg: 480

Shell Mat: Carbon Steel

Tube Mat: Carbon Steel


Shell Pass: 1

Tube Pass: 2

Stamped: NB 5257

Manufacturer: Energy Exchanger Co.

Model: AEU

Serial: X-7265 -A, B, C, D, E

Quantity: 1