1,000 Gallon APV Jacketed Processor/Kettle with Sweep mixer scrape surface agitation

Item # TAN-1451


used 1,000 Gallon APV Jacketed Processor / Kettle with Sweep Mixer Scrape surface agitation. Shell is 316L Stainless Steel Rated 40 PSI @ 350 Deg.F.. Jacket Rated 120 PSI @ 350 Deg.F.. S/N K-2020. 80" dia. x 55" T/T. 24" deep Cone Bottom. Dome top. 18 in. dia. top manway, full sweep, 7.5 HP Explosion Proof (XP) motor into gear box with 22 RPM output. Also has top flange to add a high shear type mixer (not included). Stationary baffle, dual spray balls, Top ports: (1) 8 in. dia. flange fitting, (3) 4 in. sanitary fitting ports, (5) 2 in. sanitary fitting ports, (1) 1 in. sanitary fitting port, Side ports: (1) 2.5 in. sanitary clamp and (1) 2 in. sanitary fitting port, Bottom ports: (2) 1 in. threaded female ports, (1) 2.5 in. threaded male, 3 in. diameter discharge, with flange fitting and pneumatic 2-way ball valve to 2 in. sanitary fitting, discharge height 32 in., Jacket ports: (8) 2 in. flange fitting ports, adjustable welded legs, (3) picking eyes on top. Last used in Sanitary Food Plant. overall dimensions: 92 in. long x 84 in. wide x 161 in. tall.

Gallons: 1000

Diameter: 6'8"

Lgth./ Height: 4'7"


Manufacturer: APV


Serial: K-2020

Quantity: 1