1000 Gallon LEE, Double Motion Mix Kettle. Model 1000UDBT2

Item # TAN-1339


***SOLD*** used 1000 Gallon LEE, Jacketed Mix Kettle with Scraper Blades and Baffles. Model 1000UDBT2, S/N B3880A1, Jacket rated 125 PSI. National Board Number 4357. Dish Bottom with 3" outlet. 10 HP 208-230/460 volt Agitation Motor, with Side Sweep scrapers, Mounted on S/S Legs. Kettle is 6' Dia. 80" from Legs to top dump hatch. Approx 8'6" OAH with Drive(not on stand). Stand adds 52". Last used in sanitary flavors plant.

Gallons: 1000

Diameter: 6'

Lgth./ Height:


Manufacturer: LEE

Model: 1000UDBT2

Serial: B3880A1

Quantity: 1