150 Gallon Used Stainless Steel Reactor

Item # REA-169


150 Gallon Used Stainless Steel Reactor. Has Half Pipe Jacket. Cowles high shear dispersion type 304 SS Agitator single mechanical seal rated, 15/7.5 HP, 1800/900 RPM, type EXTEFC, 230/460/3/60, mdl 20-DX, s/n LA-123, Reliance Motor. Quoted AIWI. Needs to be rigged out at customer cost.

Gallons: 150

Dia. Inches: 32

Length (T/T): 38

Shell PSIG: 30/FV

Shell (F): 300

Shell Material: 316 SS

Jacket PSIG: 90

Jacket (F): 300

Jacket Mat: 304 SS

Manufacturer: FESCO


Serial: PO# 4425

Stamped: NB 860

Quantity: 1