APV 2,050 lb/hr APV 1 effect Finisher Evaporator

Item # EVAP-21

***SOLD***This is a 2,050 lb/hr APV 1 effect Finisher Evaporator. Type P-E, Serial number 1340. It employs a forced circulation rising-falling film principle of evaporation. This unit includes the evaporator frame with 16 each type 316 stainless steel plate units (65 plates total), one type 316 stainless steel 30.5" snail shell vertical separator, one type 304 stainless steel barometric condenser with a steam ejector and the interconnecting vapor tubing. This unit was designed for a feed rate of 5590 lbs/hr @ 190F, Feed concentration of 9.0% suspended solids and 20.20% soluble solids, Product rate of 3540 lbs/hr, Product concentration of 31.9% soluble solids @ 185F. Evaporation rate of 2050 lbs/hr. It was originally designed for 19 plate units, 3 are missing so the evaporation rate will be less than designed as equipped. Additional plate units may be added to bring the evaporation rate back to the designed rate. Overall Foot print is 8' w x 9' l x 8'2" h. Can be broken down for shipping. Last processing spent mash. Plate gaskets appear to be in good shape. Good condition.